Audioline Music Village
1 SSL X-Desk + X-Panda 16ch summing mixer, the legendary english sound from Bjork to MassiveAttack, Muse and many other.... 

Multitrack Recording System
1 Apogee Symphony 16 I/O High quality A/D D/A converter
1 Mac Pro  2 x 2.4 Ghz QuadCore Intel Xenon 24 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3 
4 Recording software ProTools 10, Logic 9, Digital Performer, Cubase. 
All UAD Plugin 
All Waves-Plugin

2 Chandler Germanium Warm and vintage sound mic preamp with classic germanium transistor in all class A
2 Api 512c  Vintage class A preamp
2 Great River Vintage class A preamp, NEVE sound
1 Millenia HV-3D  -  4 channel clean mic preamp, perfect for jazz and classical music.
1 UA 2-610  -  2 channel tube mic preamp-eq 

1 UA 1176 Classic FET compressor
2 API 527 Classic VC Compressor/Limiter
1 DBX 566 Dual mono/Stereo Valve compressor
2 API 550b 4 Band Eq 

1 Lexicon PCM-81 Multi Effect
1 Lexicon PCM-70 Multi Effect
All UAD-Plugin

2 Yamaha HS-7 Studio monitor
2 Dynaudio BM15A Studio monitor
1 Art-Head6 Headphone Amplifier
1 Beyerdynamic DD 770pro Headphones
2 Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
1 AKG MK 241 Headphones

1 Peluso 22 47 LE Vacuum tube mic (Neumann U-47 sound)
2 Schoeps CMC 5-U+MK4 Small capsule condenser mic
1 AudioTechnica 4040 Large capsule mic 2 Oktava Mk-012-01 Small capsule condenser mic 1 Oktava MK-52-02 Ribbon mic
2 Sennheiser 421 Dynamic mic
5 Shure SM 57 Dynamic mic
1 Shure Beta 52A Large capsule dynamic mic
2 D112 Large capsule dynamic mic
Guitar amp Head:  Bogner Duende 
 Custom audio OD100
 Diezel Einstein 
 Blackstar Artisan 100
 Blackstar Artisan 30 combo
Cabinet:                Blackstars 4 x 12”
                             M-tech audio 2 x 12”
                             Handmade Isobox

Piano:                   Yamaha verticale
Master Keyboard: Numa nano 88

Controller:             Avid artist mix
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